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Beyond Diversity: Taking Allyship Beyond Buzzwords

On Wednesday, April 19 at 12pm in Physics 101, we will be hosting a campus-wide training for TCNJ allies of the LGBTQ+ community–a program we are calling “Beyond Diversity: Taking Allyship Beyond Buzzwords” This is a 90-minute training to equip TCNJ allies with a strong vocabulary for approaching LGBTQ+ allyship. This will be done through an interactive presentation that incorporates helpful models and exercises that allow them to become oriented in relation to LGBTQ+ identity. Topics covered will include:

  • “The Closet” as a unique feature of LGBTQ+ identity
  • Understanding prejudice from an intersectional perspective
  • Accommodating interpersonal behaviors
  • Welcoming LGBTQ+ individuals through institutional policy
  • and Examination of microaggressions through case study analysis

We are looking forward to an informative and enlightening afternoon with the campus community. Any questions regarding the event may be directed to