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Under the auspices of the President, the Division of Inclusive Excellence provides institutional leadership in enhancing respectful, diverse and inclusive work and learning environments at The College of New Jersey Community. The division serves as a partner with all campus offices as each area makes its unique contribution to the overall inclusivity of the campus community.

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Featured Events

Safe Zone Training - Fall 2020

September 8 and November 17 | This workshop will give participants opportunities to learn about gender and sexuality, and to examine how oppression hinders the creation of welcoming environments for LGBTQ+ people. We will also explore some of the enduring societal limits placed on empathy for LGBTQ+ people, and the steps non-LGBTQ+ people can do to reframe unjust social narratives about sexuality that damage everyone.

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Actors, Allies, and Accomplices & Disruption with Chianti Blackmon

November 11 & 12 | These interactive workshops will engage participants in self-reflection and action planning to use privileged aspects of their identity to dismantle oppression. They will complete a self-assessment activity to determine whether their current actions in support of this social justice issue categorize them as actors, allies, or accomplices. This session should particularly benefit participants who are interested in using their privileged identities to grow in their advocacy for social justice.

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The N-Word with RahK Lash

November 10 | 11am | "Why do they get to say it but I don’t? Can I say it if it comes up in a song? Did they really deserve to lose their job for saying it?" From euphemism and endearment to cancel culture and invitations to the cookout, this space will explore the history, etymology, and usage of the N-word while delving into topics of pop culture, whiteness, the power of words in our communal responsibilities to each other.

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Election Day 2020 Message

This Tuesday, millions of Americans will participate in, and await the outcome of the presidential election. As we approach the eve of another Election Day, let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the values that make this College special.

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Can We Just Talk?

Every first Friday, every month | 6:30pm | Sometimes we just need to talk it out. Join our monthly open discussion of issues and events at the national, regional, and local level. All are welcome and all voices are valued.

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P.O.P Culture

November 12 | 5:30pm This series of lectures and discussions will explore cultures of power, oppression, and privilege (P.O.P Culture) by first examining concepts of power and how they are wielded within systems of power. The remainder of the series will examine the systems of power in our own society, and their impact on culture, economics, and politics. All are welcome to join and contribute to this ongoing series!

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Our Voice - Our Movement

September 9 | 11am We no longer have the option to do nothing, but must collectively stand in opposition to all forms of discrimination and injustice nationwide and in our community. TCNJ takes a stand in solidarity with the communities we live and serve.

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The division is open and working remotely. Please continue to submit any bias incidents or EEO complaints via our online portal. Email us at with any questions or concerns and we will respond promptly