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Life Hacking with B.Cole


The TCNJ Office of Post-Graduate Fellowships is hosting a two-part event on Friday, 11/18 with guest speaker, B. Cole. B. Cole is presenting a “Life Hacking” fellowship talk and workshop to understand the tools that will allow you to be successful in higher education—especially as first generation, working class, GNC/gender non-binary, queer, and students of color. Join B. Cole for a strategy session how to make the most of your college experience. From life planning to understanding cultural capital, Cole dives into navigating the education system. Building power and giving each student the chance to develop their own life road map. Learn about leadership and scholarship opportunities, connect with other students and the national Brioxy community.

Fellowship Talk
ED 115

Fellowship Workshop
Spiritual Center
**Registration required, limited availability
Beyond Diversity: Taking Allyship Beyond Buzzwords

Beyond Diversity: Taking Allyship Beyond Buzzwords

On Wednesday, April 19 at 12pm in Physics 101, we will be hosting a campus-wide training for TCNJ allies of the LGBTQ+ community–a program we are calling “Beyond Diversity: Taking Allyship Beyond Buzzwords” This is a 90-minute training to equip TCNJ allies with a strong vocabulary for approaching LGBTQ+ allyship. This will be done through an interactive presentation…

Mass Incarceration: The Breakdown

Mass Incarceration: The Breakdown

Mass Incarceration: The Breakdown April 13th Symposium 9AM- 12PM Education 115 Two Sessions: Screening 9-11AM Panes Discussion  11-12PM