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Campus Pulse FAQ

The Campus Pulse Survey was designed to provide the campus community with up-to-date and meaningful information on the state of diversity and inclusion at The College of New Jersey.  As its name suggests, this information allows the community to take the “pulse” of campus culture in order to better understand the diversity of lived experiences at TCNJ. The results of this survey enable campus leaders to make date-driven decisions that result in improved living, learning, and working conditions for everyone at TCNJ. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Campus Pulse and campus climate surveys in general. Please feel free to contact any member of the Campus Pulse Resource team with any additional questions.

What is a campus climate survey?

Campus climate surveys are well established statistical tools that assess the attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and practices of students and employees at colleges around the world. A campus’s “climate” is shaped through the diverse perceptions and experiences of its members, especially as they relate to the unique culture and programs of an institution. Campus climate can and often does change as individuals enter and leave the College, so it must be surveyed regularly, with special care paid to our most vulnerable community members.

What is the purpose of campus climate surveys?

A climate survey is a tool for college administrators and the campus community at large to understand how students, faculty, and staff experience life and work at an institution. They are used to make data-driven decisions and investments that will positively impact the living, working, and learning experiences of everyone at TCNJ.

When was the last campus climate survey?

Rankin and Associates was contracted to conduct the previous campus climate survey, Your Voice Matters, in 2014. The results of Your Voice Matters can be found here.

Why run a new campus climate survey now?

Development of the Campus Pulse began in the summer of 2019. It had been nearly five years since the previous campus climate survey, during which a new generation of community members – including a new college president – had shaped TCNJ’s approach to the work of equity and inclusion. Under President Foster’s leadership, a national search for a Vice President of Equity and Inclusion was initiated concurrently with the development of the Campus Pulse. The results of the Campus Pulse will equip this new Vice President with the data necessary to make informed decisions about the Division of Equity and Inclusion’s programming and initiatives.

Who created the Campus Pulse?

The survey instrument was developed by the Division of Equity and Inclusion in partnership with the Center for Institutional Effectiveness. Insight on the development of the survey was provided by peer institutions and internal stakeholders, including the Campus Diversity Council, Council of Deans, and the President’s Cabinet. The name “Campus Pulse” was chosen to reflect our goal of taking the “pulse” of life at the TCNJ, as well as the relationship between the health of our community and the success of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Who took the Campus Pulse?

The survey was administered via Qualtrics and emailed to all members of the campus community: students, faculty (including adjuncts), and staff. The survey was open for employees from October 31 – November 25, 2019. The survey was live for students from November 6 – December 5, 2019.

How long did it take to complete the survey?

The student edition of the Campus Pulse Survey had 50 questions consisting of 42 Likert-scale measures, 6 demographic fields, and 2 open-ended questions. The employee edition of the Campus Pulse Survey had 44 questions consisting of 36 Likert-scale measures, 6 demographic fields, and 2 open-ended questions. Most respondents completed the survey in under 15 minutes.

How will the results of the survey be used?

The Division of Equity and Inclusion views the Campus Pulse as part of an ongoing and continuous process of planning and assessment. The next steps will include hosting a series of public discussions to gain further insight into the lived experiences of our community members. In order to diversify the interpretations of this data, the Campus Pulse Resource Team will be expanded to include additional members of the campus community. Equipped with this additional context, we will continue implementing effective, targeted programs and policies that advance our shared vision of inclusive excellence at The College of New Jersey.