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Bias Response Team

The Bias Response Team (BRT) supports the College’s efforts to maintain an inclusive campus climate. The Bias Response Team is not a mechanism for investigative or disciplinary action. Rather, the BRT centralizes and facilitates the College’s efforts to track bias incidents, identify trends, collect aggregate data, plan campus educational responses to benefit the community, and connect individuals affected by bias incidents with supportive resources.

The Bias Response Team is committed to providing support for those who may have been targets of or affected by bias. The BRT works to ensure that appropriate TCNJ resources and expertise are made available to anyone who feels they have been harmed by bias.  The BRT seeks to assist those who feel aggrieved; to help students, faculty or staff understand how their behavior has affected others and, over time, to contribute to the promotion of respect and understanding among members of the TCNJ community.

The BRT is not an investigatory or disciplinary body. The Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution, Title IX, and the Office of Human Resources are responsible for investigations and disciplinary proceedings. The BRT may discuss with the reporter how to file a complaint if it appears that there may have been a violation of TCNJ’s Student Code of Conduct or breach of College policy.  It is not the role of the BRT to investigate or determine whether a reported incident occurred or if the incident involved bias or a violation of College policy.  The intention is to complement and work with campus entities to connect with appropriate support and resources those who believe that they have witnessed or themselves become a target of an act of bias.  Data collected from the bias reports is used to develop educational and outreach programs.